Amanda Medrado creates accessories - all handmade - with natural resources, sustainable raw materials, colors and crafts. Regionalism and good stories are the essence of our collections. Fun, creative and conscientious design expresses our "fresh-sophisticated" style and our passion for art and innovation. The value of what we do is in the unique details of our products.
All made with passion and art, our production is 100% handmade. Our project and our factory were born In the interior of Ceara. Artisans have been working with carnauba straw for generations, a natural resource we have in the northeast of Brazil. Amanda Medrado travels the world looking for trends, natural resources, sustainable raw materials and believes that the mix between what we create and the new cultures is the best way to bring the customer a unique product, surprising by the details and for its history. Our production chain generates income for women from small towns, encourages art and brings knowledge and new techniques to those artisans who want to connect the world.