With over 10 years of experience Senato 13 has developed an unique curated selection from emerging and established designers and brands from all around the world. Representing a contemporary, multicultural approach to luxury retail, the showroom brings together different elements by challenging the senses through an original and unique selection.
The showroom has worked with some of the most exciting brands from around the world from emerging new brands to well established with the team working as design partners on the strategic and stylistic improvement to make sure collections will be both rich and interesting for the buyers.


Senato13 showroom has become a key destination during the buying period in Milan as a result of its purpose drive approach, not to simply sell a product but rather to find the perfect match between customer and supplier.

The showroom is located in Via Tortona in the heart of the Milan fashion district. A single space, with a total of 500 square meters providing the perfect conditions for a brand to shine.