“My wish today is that of interacting with different players who want to increase their presence on an International level, to put my experience at the service of brands that I believe have a real potential for growth.”

Leonor Cypriano has successfully dedicated herself scouting the Best new talents in fashion, in order to guarantee  Italian and International Buyers a brand selection that could capture the Press and  the Customers’ attention every time. After leaving the Moncler Group, she opened her first showroom, “The Space” in Milan, in 2011.

Leonor Cypriano has created a space for research, a “concept showroom” where she displays clothing collections for men and women, but also luxurious accessories and footwear. 

In 2015, she opened a new Showroom in Milan, which currently hosts several emerging and talented designers directly selected by Leonor, some of them rewarded with prestigious awards and all distributed in the Best boutiques on an international level.
Some of the brands in SS17 were: Piccione.Piccione, Susana Traca, Cristiano Burani and Horo.  

Leonor Cypriano presented the brand Piccione.Piccione to "Who is on Next", the prestigious competition for new talents sponsored by Vogue and Altaroma, and went on to win the ultimate award. 

Leonor Cypriano assists these emerging talents with distribution, merchandising and collection development in order to launch them into the international market.

“I Often meet new designers, I love it, this search enriches me” says Leonor, adding, “When I believe in somebody, it’s a great pleasure and satisfaction for me to bring them where they deserve to be”.


The Senato13 showroom offers several services dedicated to the development and the enhancement of emerging brands. 

The Leonor Cypriano team works as design partners on the strategic and stylistic improvement to make sure collections will be both rich and interesting for the buyers. Operatively, the team provides assistance with suppliers’ research, brand development during the startup phase, analyzes the competitors and plans the commercial strategy and distribution.

SENATO 13 SHOWROOM has become a customers’ destination during buying period in Milan, because our aim is not simply to sell a product, but finding the perfect match between customer and supplier, as we believe in perfect synergies.

The showroom is situated in Via Tortona, heart of Milan Design Week, near the famous Armani museum. It is structured on 1 floors for a total of 500 mq and praises the proximity of some of the most famous showroom and independent fashion studios and shops.